long time, no blog

Three seasons, a new year and many adventures later, I’m ready for my next post.

It may have been a long time, but that’s not to say I haven’t been busy with my camera. In fact, I don’t think I’ve experimented quite so much! Despite my A-levels taking up so much time, studying art has inspired me to keep trying new techniques, practicing methods and exploring new ones, if not becoming obsessed with photographing water. So here goes, a brief update…


Autumn – crisp leaves, vivid skies.

I found myself designing and publishing my Sixth Form magazine in a fantastically creative team. This was a totally new experience for me and despite the hectic deadlines and stressful organisation I loved every second of it. There really is nothing like seeing your hard work coming hot off the press, and would love to be a part of it again. Autumn brought an abundance of stunning natural beauty, the natural softbox of the reddening skies highlighting beautifully the details of the landscape. There really is nothing like it, and the pattern of the evening clouds never fail to mesmerise me.


Winter – bitter chill, festive warmth.

If not the most depressing month, Winter does offer the chance to drape the house liberally in light, colour and scent. This was the perfect setting for some beautiful bokehlicious photos of decoration. It also enticed me towards the macro side of those frosted mornings. Yet, as Spring approaches, with frost turning to dew, we are relieved from the deep gloom of the endless darkness and step out to a spot of sunshine.


Spring – fresh start, new life.

The greenery blooms, longer days and a funny bright light appears in the sky. The white of the snowdrops is replaced by the pop of yellow offered by the daffodils, and soon after everything comes alive. Lighter, longer, warmer: I spend endless hours cycling and taking photos when the evenings begin stretch out.


Which brings my story up to date, with just enough time to let you know what my latest project has been.


I started with a deep, round glass container of water and an assortment of coloured inks. I then set up with a softbox backdrop and softboxes either side of the water: with my camera on a tripod I was ready.

I dropped the inks in the water and photographed the movement of the colours. It was very interesting to see the way the liquids moved and spread out in the water, and I continued to add different colours at different times for varied effects. It was hard because after each shoot the water would turn murky and opaque, so I had to set up fresh water each time. However, after a while I was starting to get some interesting shots with fantastic pattern.


I love experimenting with new methods and yes, I will keep more up to date next time…



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