it was a long shot

Yesterday it rained. Heavily. When stuck in the house like this whats better to do than a bit of a clear out…

When doing this I came across some things of interest: photos, a pair of binoculars and a large, heavy leather case. In this case I discovered what appeared to be an old telephoto lens. I took it out of it’s casing and found a hunk of black metal with a piece of glass on the front. Ok, not the most high tech but I was excited and keen to use it!

However, it wasn’t that straightforward. The lens was made in Russia and has CCCP stamped on the barrel. It had a thread mount, and was once the 2 kilogram counterpart to a Zenit film SLR. Obviously it wouldn’t fit on my Nikon, so I had to improvise.

I set up the monster on my tripod and aimed it cluelessly out my bedroom window. Then I took the lens off my D7000 and aligned the body up with the lens. As I wavered the body to align it I was genuinely surprised at what I saw. It worked! After fiddling with focus and manually setting my camera, I could snap away at pigeons and sparrows from my bedroom!

This was the first time I had used a telephoto lens and how fun it was! Of course, it would be completely impractical for frequent use because it doesn’t attach to my camera, the images aren’t sharp and its truly colossal. Bear in mind these pictures aren’t great, but it was fun and now I really want my own…


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